Noni’s House

Keep the sea on your right and drive straight ahead, you will enter a quaint village road… That road will lead your way to fertile lands which turns vineyards into cheerful bunches of grapes. You will see yeanlings jumping and playing at the roadside and find fruit trees touching the wind shield of your vehicle… Don’t be confused you are on the right track!

Then vineyards will cover both sides of the road and the road will take you through Shiraz and Chardonnay bunches and directly to Noni’s Heaven . A little later you will find yourself at a beautiful terrace with the sea view and those grape bunches transformed into the homemade wine in the glass you are holding, with the the most elaborate presentations of special tastes on your table… Aegea ‘s unique tastes with Noni’s presentations will spoil your palate. You will lose your sense of time at the natural and animal -friendly environment. Because from now on you are in Noni’s House, the Tuscany of the Aegean…

Starting the day within nature bestowed beauties in a house specially designed for peace seekers, having fresh and natural Aegean breakfasts with jam and bread all homemade and butter from the local market, then cuddling the crystal-clear Aegean Sea from a sandy beach within a reach of five minutes time… Later at close of the day saying goodbye to the sun holding a glass of delicious wine towards the magnificent view of Chios Island, having delightful tastes of Aegean at dinners with menus which daily renews itself prepared with olive oil and local herbs of the Aegean, Joyful tables cheering up with special wines and warm conversations… These are all a part of our lives… Why not share them with you at Noni’s House?

Noni keeps her house doors open for all who wish walking among Noni’s vineyards, having chats about wine and dine, having something to drink and/or tasting the delights of our kitchen with a unique view of the sea and the landscape… But please remember that, as boutique kitchen our principle is to provide the best and the most fresh of each food and call us for a reservation before your visit and letting us know 2 days before your private invitations.

By the way if you wonder who Noni is and why this place is called Noni’s paradise, then besides our different food tastes we will have a lot to talk at the great table of our vineyard!